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Description: Specialists in portable power and protection for mobile devices. We offer the best brands in portable power and tough protective cases for many types of mobile devices in our online store. Customers can learn about the options available for their device, comparing products to find the one that suits their needs. We are committed to providing the best in friendly service, great prices and fast courier delivery anywhere in Australia. Our products include portable power packs for mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices including cameras and notebooks. Solar chargers for mobile power anywhere. Tough, rugged cases for mobile phones and iPads/tablets and ereaders. Many of our customers enjoy the outdoors for work and play, so need products that help them use their mobile devices where and when they like. As we say, live a powered life! All of our products are genuine Australian stock from leading brands, and enjoy the protection of Australian warranty.

Welcome to our affiliate program. We look forward to working with you to grow our businesses while we help customers earn, learn and play!

We search the world for the most innovative, clever, high quality accessories to work with your mobile devices and bring them together in one place so that we can help you maximise technology in your environment.
At Maximise Technology, we see mobile technology as much more than gadgets. We see it’s potential as a uniquely powerful enabler for people with different needs, as they earn, learn and play.

We are excited by the innovative leap forward that technology can provide in education, and doubly true for special needs kids. We see mobile technology change the game for businesses large and small. For everyone, mobile technology can provide flexibility and connectivity to help maximise whatever it is that you are seeking to achieve at school, at work, or in your leisure time.


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(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleKidproof 1
Kidproof your mobile phone and tablet! Protect it with a tough case, recharge anywhere with a portable power pack or solar charger.
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleTravel 1
Keep connected while you travel. Portable power packs, solar chargers, best brand tough cases. Maximise technology to earn, learn and play!
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleTough case 1
Click here to select from the best brands in rugged, tough cases for your mobile phone.
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleCompare 1
Click here to compare the best brands in mobile power packs and tough cases.
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleSolar charger 1
Click here for top brand solar chargers for mobile phones, cameras, tablets and more.
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleWaterproof 1
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleWaterproof 2
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleAdventure 3
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleAdventure 4
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleOutdoor 160x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEngineers - static
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEngineers
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleAdventure 5
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleGet More from Mobile
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleParent 468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleOutdoor 468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEducation 2
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEducation 3
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleAdventure 1
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleOutdoor 250x250
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleAdventure 2
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEducation 4
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEducation 5
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleBusiness 1
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleParents 250x250
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEmergency 1
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEngineers 1
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleParents 120x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEducation 1
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleOutdoor 120x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleParents 160x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleEmergency 2
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleDropproof 1

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