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Description: Huge selection of women's clothes, corsets, shoes, lingerie, wigs and accessories. This collection of must-have items is inspired by burlesque fashion and includes luxury designer corsets as well as very low cost items of clothing - so something for every budget. The site has a wish list, shop by colour, McAfee Secure certification, and monthly shoe giveaway competition.

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Love Burlesque, Giving you all reasons to Love Burlesque
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You should see some of the low priced corsets we found the other day, or even these gorgeous burlesque shoes!
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB3
Love Burlesque, where you can find Lovely Burlesque Clothing, Accessories and Shoes!
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Love Burlesque, All about Burlesque Fashion
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(UK£) 10.00% Per Sale2 Photos (animated)
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Burlesque Fashion at its best - Love Burlesque
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Love Burlesque, Pretty, Sexy, Classy
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Love Burlesque, Your Ultimate Source for Burlesque Clothes, Accessories and Shoes!
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB8
Gorgeous does not necessarily mean expensive! Check out these lovely low priced corsets and shoes I found!
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB9
Look what I found the other day! Unbelievably affordable beautiful corsets and shoes!
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB11
UK's Best Burlesque Clothes and Shoes Selection
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB18
Now I know where my friend got her gorgeous burlesque outfit!
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB16
Love Burlesque Gives Only the Best Burlesque Clothes
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB12
Love Burlesque - Where You Can Find Beautiful Burlesque Clothes Collections in UK
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB17
Fun and Beautiful Burlesque Accessories
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB14
Don't be left behind. Find out where you can find the hottest burlesque clothes collection
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB16
Delicious Retro and Vintage Inspired Shoes brought to you By Love Burlesque
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB13
Burlesque Fashion is not 'back' because it never left
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB15
Burlesque clothes for Women of All Sizes
(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleLB10
Beautiful Corsets at affordable prices
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(UK£) 10.00% Per SaleXmas 120 x 240

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