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Merchant Program: Selena Boron Fine Art  View More Information About The Program
Description: Original paintings and portraits by contemporary, very talented Fine Artist Selena Boron. Well priced, quality paintings with great investment potential. Excellent testimonials, worldwide shipping from Australia. Compare Selena Boron's paintings with paintings by other artists and be the judge for yourself!

Welcome to our affiliate program. Selena Boron uses only good quality materials and her paintings show great talent, imagination, effort and quality workmanship of the artist. They are easily accepted into art galleries and are quickly gaining recognition throughout the art world. Compare Selena Boron's paintings with paintings by other artists and be the judge for yourself!

In our affiliate program we offer an excellent range of banners, in many different sizes and colours, as well as in 2 most popular file formats - .jpeg (J in the end of banner's name) and .gif (G in the end of banner's name). All our banners have been designed with the optimum balance between image quality and small file size (fast loading times) in mind and will load very quickly onto your website, thus not annoying your visitors with long waiting times. Our 150x38 pixels .gif banners are only 2.7KB in size, will not take much space on your website and will still give you the chance of earning 100.00 USD commission for the sale of any of Selena Boron's quality, widely appreciated paintings. Should you require a special banner in different size or colour for your website, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will design a banner specially for you.

Welcome to our affiliate program once again and we look forward to working with you for our mutual benefit and enjoyment!


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US$100.00 Per Sale336x280SBbanner1J
US$100.00 Per Sale336x280SBbanner1G
US$100.00 Per Sale336x280banner1greenJ
US$100.00 Per Sale336x280banner1greenG
US$100.00 Per Sale300x250banner1J
US$100.00 Per Sale300x250banner1greenJ
US$100.00 Per Sale300x250banner1greenG
US$100.00 Per Sale300x250banner1G
US$100.00 Per Sale250x250 SB banner 1
US$100.00 Per SaleText 1
Original Paintings by Fine Artist Selena Boron. Great investment potential!
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1J
US$100.00 Per SaleText 2
Original Paintings by Fine Artist Selena Boron. Worldwide delivery. Great investment potential!
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1G
US$100.00 Per SaleOwn Advertising Text
Affiliates, Place Your Own Advertising Text Here. (ie) Original Paintings by Selena Boron, one of our favorite artists.
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1blueJ
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1blueG
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1greenJ
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1greenG
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1brownJ
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1brownG
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1orangeJ
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1orangeG
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1violetJ
US$100.00 Per Sale150x38banner1violetG
US$100.00 Per Sale120x240banner1J
US$100.00 Per Sale120x240banner1G
US$100.00 Per Sale120x240banner1greenJ
US$100.00 Per Sale728x90banner1J
US$100.00 Per Sale728x90banner1G
US$100.00 Per Sale728x90banner1greenJ
US$100.00 Per Sale728x90banner1greenG
US$100.00 Per Sale728x90banner1brownJ
US$100.00 Per Sale728x90banner1brownG
US$100.00 Per Sale728x90banner1blueJ
US$100.00 Per Sale728x90banner1blueG
US$100.00 Per Sale468x60banner1J
US$100.00 Per Sale468x60banner1G
US$100.00 Per Sale468x60banner1greenJ
US$100.00 Per Sale468x60banner1greenG
US$100.00 Per Sale468x60banner1brownJ
US$100.00 Per Sale468x60banner1brownG
US$100.00 Per Sale120x240banner1greenG
US$100.00 Per Sale120x600 SB banner 1
US$100.00 Per Sale160x600 SB banner 1

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