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Camera2Canvas Online
(US$) 15.00% Per Sale  

Camera2Canvas Online is committed to helping our customers create lasting memories of their favourite images beautifully printed on quality 100% cotton canvas for themselves, family and friends. Our objective is to provide our customers with an affordable option to transform their digital photos into long lasting canvas works of art that they can proudly display in their homes and offices. Our efficient systems and sourcing keep our production costs low so we can pass on these amazing savings of around 60%, across our entire product range, directly to our customers in the USA and Internationally.

Royal Binary
US$0.05 Per Click  

Royal Binary is a binary options trading broker which provides investors with access to trade underlying assets on a binary option trading platform. Royal Binary platform is 100% web-based and requires no software to download, all you’ll need is a connection to the internet and you’ll be able to make trades. We are reputable and well recognized broker. Our customers can always rely on our support and care. Join us and find out how outstanding our brand is.

(US$) 15.00% Per Sale  

We pay 15% commission of each sale! Yoyomelody is one of leading online shop for dresses of many styles, including formal dresses as prom dresses, formal dresses, evening dresses, wedding dresses, etc. and causal dresses as maxi dresses, short dresses, vintage dresses, floral dresses, etc.

Derma Active Cream
US$50.00 Per Sale  

DermaActive Eye Serum - DermaActive is a revolutionary eye serum formula that was developed specifically for treating the signs of aging in the skin around and under your eyes. Our unique DermaActive serum contains potent youth generating agents that have been shown to make the skin around the eyes look significantly younger, healthier and suppler. DermaActive is a fast-growing cosmetics company specializing in the anti-aging field known as "cosmeceuticals". Based on an all-natural formula, DermaActive's revolutionary eye serum offers visible results in just a few weeks while delivering firmer, younger-looking eye area skin to women and men all over the world. Aging signs target the area around the eyes first. DermaActive is a tried and tested serum shown to prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles, and in reducing existing aging signs around the eyes. DermaActive also works to brighten and rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

Daisy Satta
(US$) 20.00% Per Sale  

Daisy Satta, founded in Italy, is comprised of a team of young Italian designers. With their imaginations and enthusiasm, every piece of jewelry is a remarkable fashion item, which allows modern women to adapt their creativity and bring out their glamorous, extraordinary side. The high quality and detail-oriented design is one of the key attributes for its popularity among the young generation in European countries. Daisy Satta offers jewelry collections made of 925 Sterling SIlver, 18kt Platinium, Silver Plated or Rose Gold Plated.

Tropical Green Coffee
US$50.00 Per Sale  

Tropical Green Coffee Bean - The green coffee bean extract has made headlines among health and science publications worldwide. It is one of the most effective and natural weight loss supplements currently on the market. Offer nature’s fat-burning goodness to your online audience!

Royal Binary CPA
(US$) 65.00% Per Sale  

Royal Binary is a binary options trading broker which provides investors with access to trade underlying assets on a binary option trading platform. Royal Binary platform is 100% web-based and requires no software to be downloaded, all you will need is a connection to the internet and you will be able to place trades.We are reputable and well recognized broker. Our customers can always rely on our support and care. Join us and find out how outstanding our brand is.

Bio Active Raspberry
US$50.00 Per Sale  

BioActive Raspberry Ketone offers an all-natural weight loss formula to customers who are seeking a safe daily fat-burning supplement. The unique natural formula of BioActive Raspberry Ketone offers nature’s top diet extracts and ingredients in each capsule. These include ketones (phenolic compound), acai berry extract, African mango, apple cider vinegar and resveratrol. All these combined act as a potent metabolism and fat-burning boosting agent. People taking BioActive Raspberry Ketone who also combine a regular exercise plan with their diet have seen dramatic weight-loss results!

Defense Soap
(US$) 10.00% Per Sale  

Skin infections are serious concerns. Common “antibacterial soap” just doesn’t get the job done; in fact it can make the problems worse. Defense Soap uses all-natural antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial ingredients. These ingredients have been clinically shown to be effective against Staph, Impetigo, Ringworm, Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch and Herpes. Because these natural ingredients have much less impact on healthy skin flora than antibacterial chemicals like Triclosan, the skin’s natural infection fighting abilities remain mostly intact. That’s why Combat Athletes in Wrestling and MMA make Defense Soap their choice for personal hygiene.
(US$) 15.00% Per Sale  

Dressilyme is an online shop, selling wedding dresses and special occasion dresses for 5 years. We have near 9500+ products, average per customer transaction is up to $250. Worldwide customers make our business goes well. Now, in order to expanding the market further, we sincerely invite you to join in our affiliate program. We offer a 20% commission for our affiliates. Looking forward to cooperate with you all in this win-win plan.

(US$) 10.00% Per Sale, a reliable online website, provides various of items. We have been aiming to offer you the top quality services and guaranteed products. We keep up with the fashion trends closely and provide you with fashionable items. In addition, we can also offer you the custom-made items. We give you the highest quality event supplies—from custom-made couture bridal dresses and unique jewelry to a wide range of elegant party supplies—to make your special moment unforgettable.

Flavor Shop Blog | Adult Couples Love Game
US$5.00 Per Sale  

Get Paid to Sell. Earn $5 USD per Sale. Earn 25% USD per Sale to Recruit Other Affiliates. Earn $5 per Sale + 25% USD per Sale of Recruits to Flavor Shop Blog. Weekly Payouts. The More Sales you Generate within a Week, the More Bonuses you Receive!
(US$) 15.00% Per Sale  

Natural weight loss and sexual wellness supplements. From Garcinia cambogia to Green Coffee Bean Extract Lean formula and a Revolutionary Slimming Spray. We offer Buy 2 Get 1 Free on our Garcinia and Green Coffee Bean Extract. With our 30 day Return Back policy, you can try the best weight loss supplements in the market today. Our Slimming Spray has the added value of boosting your energy levels.

Powerful Weight Loss and Fat Burner Supplement
(US$) 30.00% Per Sale  

Powerful Weight Loss and Fat Burner Pill. Reformulated Phentemine works both as an appetite suppressant and a powerful fat burner

Puraz Online Health Store
(US$) 40.00% Per Sale  

FREE delivery worldwide on our leading edge health and beauty products: Puraz 100% Collagen for younger looking skin; Puraz COMPLETE for rapid and visible smoothing; PRO-d for joint comfort through cartilage regeneration and many more...
(US$) 15.00% Per Sale offers a wide range of different wedding dresses, party dresses and special occasion dresses at affordable price. When it comes to deciding what to wear for wedding & special occasion, you will benefit from our extensive collection of wedding dresses & party dresses.

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