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Description: We sell public domain art and illustration collections on DVDs and as instant digital downloads. We sell an ultimate collection of all our DVDs for £275 or £250 as a digital download. New customers can spin our prize wheel and win a discount off their first order. Our products may be of interest to art historians or students, teachers, crafters or printers. Our products could be used to make prints to frame, postcards, posters, greetings cards, decoupage and pyramage for card-making, background papers for card-making and scrapbooking, collage, altered art, calendars, mugs, mouse-mats, t-shirts, fridge-magnets and so much more. Images could be used in a book, on a website, blog or promotional posts on Social Media. Our customers could start a whole new business, selling items that they've made. They might sell the products they've made on eBay, Etsy, Facebook, their own website, at craft fairs, school fairs, church fairs or in shops.

Hi - welcome to the Public Domain Image Library affiliate program. The products we really like to sell are our collections of DVDs (or instant downloads), especially our Ultimate Collection which we sell for £275 or £250 (download).

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