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Description: Offering the best prescription glasses,eyeglasses frames, sunglasses from just $9.9! Free Rx Lenses, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 30 Days Warranty. PPC Policy: Publishers are not allowed to link directly to our site from search campagins. Publishers are not allowed to bid on brand name or domian name or other variant of namebrand or domian name.

Dear publisher,

Welcome, and thank you for joining the Glasseslit affiliate program.

Glasseslit is an online eyewear store for great value glasses at affordable prices. Since our optical company established,over a million pairs of glasses have been delivered while we maintaining our standard of offering great value products and service at affordable price. With no middlemen, no retail-space overhead, we can save our customers on every order! We aim to provide you the excellent customer service and high quality prescription glasses, we well as the quickest time-frame possible!

The following information may be helpful to you, my dear friends:
1. Affordable and durable eyeglasses start from $9.9;
2. Bifocal and progressive glasses and prescription sunglasses are GS's featured products thus are highly recommended and best sold.
3. Glasseslit launches a special offer campaign every month on best sellers in previous month;
4. Valid coupon codes available.

GlassesShop.com is offering 8% to 20% commission on all sales:
8% Commission: $1 to $200 in sales;
10% Commission: $200 to $500 in sales;
12% Commission: $500 to $1000 in sales
14% Commission: $1000 to $2000 in sales
18% Commission: $2000 to $4000 in sales
20% Commission: Over $4000 in sales

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about the Glasseslit.com Affiliate Program. 

Have a good day!

Glassesslit Affiliate Manager


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If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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