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Merchant Program: Quicklens Australia Contact Lenses  View More Information About The Program
Description: Quicklens Australia is "the" contact lenses online store for daily, weekly, monthly, toric and coloured lenses in Australia. All lenses offered on our website are manufactured by renowned manufacturers and are similar to lenses regular optometrists offer. With great quality, lowest prices and excellent customer service, Quicklens is the number 1 choice for contact lenses.

Welcome to the QUICKLENS Australia affiliate program.
Thank you very much for your interest in us.

-- Our special commission fees --
text and small banner 13%
all other banners 14%

-- Incentive program --
Number of sales p. m. – commission rate following month
50 - 15%
100 - 16%
200 - 17%

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thank you for your time.


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(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleQuicklens250x250
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleQuicklens468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleText_Bann2
You want to save up to 80% on contact lenses? Try Quicklens Australia - Low prices guaranteed!
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleText_Bann1
Tired of paying too much for contact lenses? Try Quicklens Australia and be surprised how much you can save!
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleText_Bann3
Quicklens Australia - Lowest Prices for Brand Contact Lenses in Australia!
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleOptix468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleOptix120x240
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleOasys728x90
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleOasys468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleOasys120x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFresh468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFresh120x240
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFocus90468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFocus90120x240
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFocus468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFocus120x240
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleAqua468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleAqua120x240
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleQuicklens150x38
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFirst 15% 728x90
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFirst 15% 468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFirst 15% 300x250
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFirst 15% 250x250
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFirst 15% 160x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFirst 15% 120x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFirst 15% 120x240
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFemale 728x90
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleQuicklens728x90
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFemale 468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFemale 300x250
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFemale 250x250
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFemale 120x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleFemale 160x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleProduct 728x90
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleProduct 468x60
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleProduct 300x250
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleProduct 250x250
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleProduct 160x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleProduct 120x600
(AU$) 5.00% Per SaleQuicklens120x600

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