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Description: Cognizance Nutrition is a retailer of high quality, natural ingredient supplements. Our unique blend formulas are specifically formulated to promote maximum effectiveness in its users. Our flagship product, Shape Shifter is a proven weight loss supplement which induces thermogenesis in its user, as well as appetite suppression. Our ethos is to provide natural, effective supplements and build our brand and product around that reputation.

Welcome. We trust that you're excited to become a part of our excellent affiliate program and we look forward to sending you commission payments for your affiliate sales. Shape Shifter is a high quality supplement that sells itself. It is considerably better than the majority of other weight loss products on the market and we pride ourselves on this fact.

What you can be assured of is that the customers you bring our way will receive the highest quality of customer service, with quick delivery and guaranteed satisfaction.

What we expect from our affiliates, is a professional and honest approach to their advertising and leads. We endeavor to monitor the source of commissioned sales and will act if there is any advertisement that doesn't match and respect the ethos of our brand and company.

We are an open door for affiliates and will be happy to collaborate with any ideas and provide graphics. We hope to build some strong relationships through this affiliate program and look forward to sending you big commission payments!


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